Integrated Parts Processing

Our integrated part processing system turns raw material into finished parts - fast. From cutting, drilling and edging, we can provide all of the services in the process or we can perform any service individually.


A state-of-the-art CNC router cuts your parts to your specifications. Minimum length is 6”. Minimum width is 3”.

We cut wood parts for an almost endless variety of finised items, including but not limited to Cabinet Boxes, Closet Components, Drawer Boxes, Door and Drawer Fronts.

Assembly Drill

Holes are drilled to your specifications for Confirmat or dowels.

Assembly Route

We perform assembly rounting including blind dados.

Hardware drilling

Holes are drilled to match your chosen hinges and plates.

Shelf drilling

Ten 32mm holes (5 on each end) are drilled for each shelf.


Edgebanding is applied with hot glue for any width from 3/8” to 2”. The banding material must be 1/8” wider than the finished edge.

CAD Drawings

For most services, our online ordering system automatically generates the file our CNC router needs or we can accept your Cabnetware generated file. However, to meet the needs of special project we can produce the required files based on your drawings or specifications. Call for a quote.

Value Engineering

Based on our years of experience, we can review project to achieve the highest value and essential specifications for the lowest total costs. Call for a quote.