Ordering online is simple and easy with our online catalogue. To order, just pick the image of the cabinet or other item you want processed. Then adjust the height, width and length and select your material.

Choosing the item image eliminates errors and speeds up the process.

If you have never used a online ordering  system, we encourage you to give this one a try and see how easy it is. Don't worry if you enter something wrong or place the order by mistake, we will confirm the order with you before processing.

Click here to use our online ordering service!

Contact us and we will go online with you and help you enter your first order.


Choose one of the following methods and send your email to

Supported File Type

If  your design software produces one of our supported file types, just attached the file and send it to us. We can take your file and import it directly into our system which will generate the machine code to run the CNC router. This automated system is the fastest and most accurate order method.

Other File Types

You can send us PDF, Excel, JPG, BMP, TIF and other image files. These files cannot be imported into our computer software, but we can use your information to produce drawings in our system. There is an additional cost for this service so call us to get a quote. We will send you the drawings we produce for your approval before processing.


Fax your order to 707.579.9985. Please make sure to include your name, company name, phone number, fax number and project name on the fax cover sheet.


Call in your order to 707.579.9501. Please leave a message with the receptionist and we will return your phone call.