Unless otherwise specified, all components are provided for pickup, delivery or shipment flat and unassembled.

A removable label affixed to each component that identifies it by cabinet type, part name and its item number from the order.

Pick Up

Our normal business hours are 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Mon to Friday.

All pick ups must be accomplished during normal business hours unless prior arrangements are made.

Pickups must be scheduled in advance. If there will be a change in the pickup time, you must notify us at least two hours in advance.

You are responsible for material tie down and providing your tie down materials (packing, strapping, etc).

You must prepay for all processed material before it is loaded unless prior arrangement are made with our business office.


We offer delivery to your site (or the job site) for a nominal fee to the following counties:

We will also delivery to these additional counties to the following counties. Please call for a quote.
Contra Costa
San Francisco


We will ship to your site (or the job site) anywhere in the continental US. Please call for quote.

Shipment will arrive with material and processing cost as well as freight charges COD at the site of delivery. So, you must have payment ready, or payment terms arranged with the shipping company or our business office.

We can arrange for shipment but we encourage you to arrange for your own shipping.